Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Lightning Bolt!"

The Dragon Nest (DN) beta version has recently been launched in the Philippines. I'm used with full support characters when playing MMORPGs so it was natural for me to make a Cleric for my first character. I then chose to be a Priest for my 1st job advancement―and I'm loving it! ^_^

Priests are formidable allies and a must for every party. However, DN Priests are not your typical support types. They can be the secondary damage dealer in a party and they're the most able class to solo even the meanest dungeons or nests.

DN gameplay has been structured in a way that Priests are really essential in a good party because potions have lengthy cooldowns. But I still prefer playing Priests solo.

One thing about Priests is their slow speed. They compensate by having large health and mana pools that can more than afford to take some damage. They also have skills like Paralyze Bolt and Relic of Hold that can temporarily immobilize the enemy. You'll be surprised how much damage a Priest can do with just 1.5 sec. of paralysis. So in the end, it all comes down on how well you play regardless of your class.

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