Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good morning!

How do you know your body clock really needs repair? It's not when your first meal for the day is lunch, it's when your last meal is breakfast.

These days I've been reading mangas until late at night. My sleeping time continually progressed at an even later hour until 4:30am today. I didn't take the brightening light from your windows a good sign so I forced myself to sleep, but it was useless. There wasn't an ounce of sleepiness in me. Around 5am, I decided to make breakfast for my brother who has an early flight today.

I melted some butter on a pan, added some sweetened/condensed milk, and made some toasts. I cooked some hams too and my favorite eggs--sunny side up! It was a delicious breakfast! I especially liked my toasts.

Pretty soon I ended up deciding to wait for my brother to wake up instead and help him get up in time by 7am. While he was eating my specially-made breakfast, we chatted about the most pleasant sleep. For him the best sleep was the kind of sleep that when you wake up, you don't want to sleep anymore. I disagreed. I believed it was when you wake up and you didn't want to get up yet, so you sleep again. That is the best sleep.

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